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This is some text with a bit of emphasis applied to it. That is to say, it's italicized.


This text is making a strong statement. In other words, it's some bold text.


Unordered List

  • This is a list item
  • This is another list item
  • This is a third list item

Ordered List

  1. This is a list item
  2. This is another list item
  3. This is a third list item


Placeholder Image
This is a caption on a placeholder image, and this is a link.


Simple Table

NameFavorite Color

Complex Table

A complex table
Invoice #12345678914 January 2025
Pay to:
Acme Billing Co.
123 Main St.
Cityville, NA 12345
John Smith
321 Willow Way
Southeast Northwestershire, MA 54321
Name / DescriptionQty.@Cost
Staples (box)1001.00100.00
Subtotal 110.00
Tax 8%8.80
Grand Total$ 118.80


With <cite>:

Words can be like X-rays, if you use them properly – they'll go through anything. You read and you're pierced.

– Aldous Huxley, Brave New World (citation)

With <q>:

Browsers generally render blockquote text as indented text. If your quoted text needs to display within a non-quoted paragraph, you should use the HTML q tag. Most browsers surround q text with quotation marks.